Rubber Jointing in Solid & Sponge compounds

Celltex are suppliers of solid and rubber joining products, such as: Styrene Butadiene, Natural Rubber, Neoprene, Nitrile Butadiene, Ethylene Propylene, Butyl, CSM, Hypalon® and Silicone

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Rubber Jointing - FEATURES

An overview of our materials and general usage guide:

SBR [Styrene Butadiene] -SBR is a synthetic elastomer suitable for low to medium duty applications involving air, water and diluted mixtures for, economic, general purpose applications.

NR [Natural Rubber]- NR natural rubber compounds have high abrasion resistance with excellent resilience, tensile strength, elongation, tear strength and mechanical properties. It is highly flexible and has good low permanent set qualities. It is not recommended on higher temperature applications.

CR [ Chloroprene ] - Neoprene - CR Neoprene is an multi purpose material suitable for applications involving weathering, sea water, mineral oils, greases, dilute acids and alkalis but is not recommended for fuel immersion. It also exhibits good flame retardant properties dependent on polymer content.

NBR [Nitrile Butadiene] - Nitrile NBR Nitrile has excellent resistance to petroleum oils and aromatic hydrocarbons, mineral oils and many acids with good elongation, resilience, tensile and compression set properties.

HNBR [Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene] - Hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubbers are known for strength and retention of properties after exposure to high and low temperatures, weathering, oil, gas, steam and many industrial chemicals and is far superior to standard nitrile butadiene [NBR] rubbers.

EPDM [Ethylene Propylene] - EPDM materials have excellent resistance to water [fresh & Sea], oxidation, ultra violet, ozone and weathering coupled with good temperature resistance. It also has good resistance to acids, water based chemicals and vegetable based hydrocarbons but is not recommended for use with mineral oils and di-ester based lubricants.

IIR [Isobutylene ] - Butyl Butyl compounds have very high impermeability to gases, ozone, ultra violet light and weathering with high chemical and acid resistance and is particularly good when applications involving high and low temperatures prevail.

CSM [Hypalon®] Hypalon has outstanding resistance to most chemicals and oils at high and low temperatures with excellent weathering and abrasion resistance. It also has low moisture absorption and good dielectric properties.

SI [Silicone] - The outstanding properties of silicone rubbers is their outstanding high / low temperature resistance without failure. Typical applications include oven door seals, glazing seals, gaskets and sealing washers. It has excellent flame - Retardant characteristics and can be used in contact with food and drink.


Rubber Jointing - TECHNICAL DATA

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