FireStop - Fire Rated Expansion Joint Foam Filler

FireStop expansion joint foam filler is a non-fibrous sponge making an ideal fire barrier. It is an economical seal between building elements where minimal movement is expected and is available in 1 and 2 hour rating.

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Image of fireseal between class b engineering bricks

FireStop - Fire Rated Expansion Joint Foam Filler - FEATURES

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FireStop is an intumescent thermoplastic filled with flame retardants & binders laminated with a graphite based intumescent compound on both sides. It will perform as a 2 or 4 hour barrier in construction movement joints, and long linear installations in horizontal and vertical applications. It is tested to EN 1366-4 and BS476. FireStop has a quick and clean installation process, as it is simply friction fitted.


  • Can be used in rigid block wall, concrete and masonry
  • Can be used in rigid concrete floors
  • Can be used in linear joints up to 150mm wide.
  • Tested with cables, cable bunches, cable trays
    and cable trunking.

  • Joint movement capability of +/- 50%
  • Highly flexible and water resistant,
    maintenance free, Halogen free, resists fungi and vermin.

    FireStop - Fire Rated Expansion Joint Foam Filler - TECHNICAL DATA

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    Our technical data sheet includes: Ingredients, Physical & Safety Data, Labelling and Conveyance, Protective Measures, Measures in Case of Accidents / Fire, Toxicity & Health, Ecology and Further Information.