FireStop - Fire Rated Expansion Joint Foam Filler

FireStop expansion joint foam filler is a non-fibrous sponge making an ideal fire barrier. It is an economical seal between building elements where minimal movement is expected and is available in 1 and 2 hour rating.

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Image of fireseal between class b engineering bricks

FireStop - Fire Rated Expansion Joint Foam Filler - FEATURES

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FireStop is a flexible fire rated expansion joint foam filler made from a non-toxic sponge impregnated with a fire material, it does not absorb moisture or chemicals nor does it require special clothing or gloves while installing.

FireStop is only affected by fire once a temperature of 200°C is reached, when it will start to expand maintaining the fire integrity of the void or opening it is protecting.

Tested to BS 476 Parts 20/22 up to 2 hours

All available in 1 metre lengths

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Depth in wall Thickness Gap Size
40mm 10mm 2mm - 10mm
40mm 15mm 5mm - 15mm
40mm 20mm 10mm - 20mm
40mm 25mm 15mm - 25mm
40mm 30mm 20mm - 30mm
40mm 40mm 30mm - 40mm
40mm 50mm 40mm - 50mm
40mm 60mm 50mm - 60mm

FireStop - Fire Rated Expansion Joint Foam Filler - TECHNICAL DATA

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Our technical data sheet includes: Ingredients, Physical & Safety Data, Labelling and Conveyance, Protective Measures, Measures in Case of Accidents / Fire, Toxicity & Health, Ecology and Further Information.