Circular Backer Rod / Circular Backing Cord

Our circular backing cord (caulking cord) is a closed cell polyethylene foam cord in varying diameters from 6mm up to 50mm (larger sizes run on request). It's mainly used behind sealants and mastics in expansion joints.

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circular backing cord aka caulking rod

Circular Backing Cord - FEATURES

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Texcord circular backing rod is a polyethylene foam rod aka caulking rod.

Available Sizes:-

  • 6mm ..... 2500m/box
  • 10mm ..... 1150m/box
  • 13mm ..... 750m /box
  • 15mm ..... 550m/box
  • 20mm ..... 350m/box
  • 25mm ..... 200m/box
  • 30mm ..... 160m/box
  • 40mm ..... 270m/box
  • 50mm ..... 180m/box

    Circular Backing Cord - TECHNICAL DATA

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