Low Density Expansion Foam

Our low density expansion joint fillers is ideal where movement joints are required in the construction of blockwork and brickwork and is fully compliant with building control regulations.

High Density Expansion Foam

Our high density expansion joints is ideal for the construction of blockwork and brickwork and is fully compliant with building control regulations and is fully compliant with building control regulations.

Class O PVC Nitrile Expansion Joint

Flametex is a Nitrile compressible fire expansion joint filler manufactured to a Class "O" fire rating for use in brick and blockwork. More about movement joint fillers

Non Fibrous Fire Expansion Foam

FireStop is a non-fibrous fire expansion foam making an ideal fire barrier. It's ideal to use where minimal movement is expected. More about our fire rated expansion joint foam filler

Circular Backer Rod

Closed cell polyethylene foam cord in varying diameters from 6mm up to 100mm, 125mm and 150mm. Used behind sealants and mastics in expansion joints. More about our Backing Foam

PU Foam

Our PU foam include Polyether and Polyester in various densities and colours. They are available in plain and self adhesive backed in rolls or sheets, or cut to specific lengths. More about PU Foam

Rubber Jointing

Celltex are a leading supplier of Neoprene, Natural Commercial, Nitrile (only in solid form) and Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM). Learn more about our rubber products

Debonding Foam

Our Debonding Foam is a high quality CFC and HCFC free silver grey flexible closed cell PE pipe insulation that is used in the construction industry. More about Debonding Foam

Acoustic Flanking Bands

Acoustic Flanking Band is a cross-linked, closed cell polyolefin foam strip which is designed to reduce the transmission of flanking sound. Learn more about our Acoustic Flanking Bands

Slip Membranes

Produced from an ultra heavy 250kg/m3 density polyethylene, 2mm in thickness it is used in sliding joints where low friction resistant material is needed. Learn more about Slip Membranes

Weather Tight Foam

Flowseal is used to provide a weather tight seal to expansion & structural joints and can be used in both new and existing applications. More about our weather tight expansion foam

Bearing Strips

Our bearing strips are made from solid SH Neoprene rubber. Available in sheets, rolls or cut strips as required. Learn more about our Bearing Strips

HT Paper Backing Cord

CELLTEX HT PAPER CORD, is made from a soft, cellulose wadding. It is made up from pure and recycled pulp and it is primarily used in the construction industry as a backing material. Learn more about HT Paper Backing Cord

Grout Check Tape

High grab self adhesive foam tapes for sealing all types of joints in formwork thus preventing grout loss etc. Available in PE - Polyethylene More about Grout Check Tape