Bond It Contact Adhesive 5 litres

A premium grade, solvent-based, neoprene adhesive with high grab and long open time to enable repositioning. Toluene-free. 250ml can.

compressible movement joint filler

Bond It Contact Adhesive 5 Litres - FEATURES

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Can be used for bonding cork, leather, rubber, metals, wood, chipboard hardboard, laminate plastics (e.g. Formica), dense textiles, plaster, stone, concrete and smoothing compounds. It will bond rigid PVC and PVCu sheets but the materials should be checked for suitability prior to applications plasticiser migration can occur in some instances.

This product is not suitable for polystyrene, polythene, polypropylene, silicone rubbers, bitumen or PTFE and may attack certain painted or lacquered surfaces


Stir the glue thoroughly prior to use, until a uniform consistency is obtained and the material has turned a creamy/brown.

Apply the adhesive to both surfaces being bonded with a notched scraper, brush or trowel to produce a thin film. In cool, damp conditions take care that no condensation takes place on the glue lines as it will affect the adhesive bond. If condensation (evident by a grey “bloom” on the glue) does occur, delay bonding until the glue is moisture-free. If the open time is exceeded, re-apply the adhesive to both surfaces. Leave the adhesive to become touch dry (approx. 10-60 minutes, depending on drying conditions).
Maximum open time for the product is up to 75 minutes, however, it is advisable to make bonds within 30 minutes of application.

Carefully align pieces to be bonded. For panel products, work from the centre outwards to minimise air entrapment. Press the two surfaces together and apply firm pressure with a hand rubber roller, block and mallet or mechanical press. Handling and trimming are possible immediately after bonding.


Surfaces to be bonded must be clean, dry and free from dust, grease or contaminants that may hinder adhesion. Whenever possible, materials should be conditioned overnight in ambient conditions of 15- 20°C / 60-65%RH. Very smooth surfaces should be abraded to provide an adequate key.

Drying Time

Allow 10-15 minutes to dry. Do not use infrared heaters or mechanical blowers as the product contains solvent and is highly flammable. Total drying time depends upon ambient temperature and the thickness coverage of the adhesive.


Bond It Contact Adhesive 5 Litres - TECHNICAL DATA

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